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AiAfrica Travel
Your Journey makes a difference


Humans are naturally curious, and travel fulfills our drive to learn about the world firsthand, rather than from hear-say. Connecting with different cultures to learn about its people, the traditional way of life, its history and the dynamics within a country, is as much part of your journey in Africa as is your safari experience.


As Africa travel specialists, we have both the opportunity and responsibility to link global travellers to real communities in Africa, to provide visitors with a balanced view of the continent’s social structures, needs, achievements and challenges. At the same time, we want to support the people that make Africa into the exciting and diverse destination it is. 

For travellers who wish to contribute to the social development and wellbeing of communites in their host country, and who would like to have meaningful interactions with its members, it can seem a mindfield to know which of the projects are authentic and transparent, and really serve the purpose that they advertise. Besides that, we feel it is imperative that engagement with local communities must always be respectful. Uthando provides just that, and we love working with James and his team. 


Uthando (Love) South Africa is a not-for-profit company that offers authentic responsible travel experiences involving local community development projects in and around Cape Town. More than simple township-tours, these experiences are respectful, meaningful, non-invasive, and beneficial to the local communities. South Africa is a beautiful and diverse country, but one that struggles with many social challenges. Motivated by love, compassion and respect for our common humanity, Uthando seeks to form part of the solution to meet these challenges. On a tour with Uthando you will meet a resourceful people, with stories of achievements, pride, compassion, guts and a drive to provide a better future for the next generations. By donating through Uthando, it is not about hand-outs, it’s about changing lives. 

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