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Malawi is one of Africa’s smallest countries and enclosed within the Great Rift Valley by Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique. While Malawi may be landlocked, it does have its very own special azure jewel – Lake Malawi - where sunseekers enjoy snorkeling, sailing, kayaking and diving. The country is becoming increasingly popular as a safari destination following a number of conservation success stories in many of its wildlife reserves and national parks. Majete and Liwonde are just two of the country’s nine national parks and reserves with relatively few tourists.


For a small country, Malawi offers incredible scenery and vast landscapes. From forested mountains to grassland plateaus and, of course, the idyllic lake shoreline, the variety of scenery and the good accommodation options are a major drawcard to visitors. For the active traveller, there are numerous hiking and biking trails with overnight options in Mount Mulanje.


With direct flights from Zambia, Malawi is also the perfect beach extension after a Zambian safari.


Best time to travel: May - November.

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