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For a footprint-free tropical beach holiday, look no further. Renowned for its barefoot and unhurried lifestyle, Mozambique has perfected authentic African luxury along its 2,500 kilometer coastline of pristine white beaches and idyllic islands. The azure blue waters of the warm Indian Ocean offer an abundance of underwater life, a diving and deep sea fishing paradise. A destination loved by honeymooners and families. 


Often combined with a safari in one of its neighbouring countries, Mozambique can easily be your all-in-one destination, especially for return visitors to Africa seeking the hidden gems. For a safari, Gorongosa National Park is the country’s flagship conservation area. It is a success story for sustainable tourism and visitors can spot buffalo, elephant, lion, and wild dog, to name a few. You are off the beaten path and tourist numbers are low here. Don't expect accommodation with bells and whistles, but you will be overwhelmed by the generous and warm hospitality of the people working in this park. For a dose of culture, the streets and buildings in Mozambique are steeped in history and culture. A downtown walking tour in the capital Maputo and a visit to Ilha de Moçambique uncover the country's melting pot of Portuguese and Asian heritage. 


Best time to travel: May - November.

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