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Travelling with young children? Kenya immediately comes to mind. Its destinations and many of the lodges and camps are ideal for families and multi-generation trips. From savannas, dense forests and freshwater lakes, to snowcapped mountains and coral reefs, Kenya is a country of dramatic and diverse scenery, most famous for its safari experiences.


This popular destination offers the iconic East African Safari, with the options to meet with local tribes, enjoy a night drive or even a fly camping adventure. Sharing one of the earth’s largest protected ecosystems, the Serengeti-Mara Ecosystem, with its southern neighbour Tanzania, Kenya annually plays host to the remarkable wildebeest migration, the planet’s greatest single movement of herd animals. 


The Lewa Conservancies offer low impact safaris and are famed for their rhino conservation work. Further south are the Amboseli and Tsavo National Parks, showcasing abundant elephant herds. Lamu and Diani Beach have all the beauty of a tropical beach paradise, with the added appeal of the fascinating Swahili culture. 

Best time to travel: Kenya is a year-round destination. July - November are peak season when the wildebeest are migrating through the Mara region.

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